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Case studies

The complainant was employed by an IT company. His manager asked him to attend a meeting with the human resources unit. At this meeting he was told that he had a "Sudanese attitude" and he needed to change if he wanted to continue working with the company or in Australia.

I used to work in a restaurant as a kitchen hand but the other staff bullied me. They didn't just call me racist names, they also hit me. I might need a job but it wasn't worth the bad language, racial abuse and violence, so I left.

I had a job interview that seemed to be going really well. Then the interviewer asked me if I had kids.

I was working for a fashion designer and I loved the job, but the boss started getting a little too friendly.

I was in Melbourne for work and had to stay in a hotel. As I'm blind, I rely on Braille labels or clear audio announcements to help me use the lifts and find my way to my room.

I was having a housewarming party and went to buy a carton of beer from the local bottle shop.

I hurt my back after work one night, which meant I was going to have a bit of trouble with my desk job.

I'm looking for work and decided to go through a recruitment agency.

I've worked in retail for years. I love it. So, after having a baby and taking a year off, I asked my boss about returning to my job with some flexibility since I've got new responsibilities now.

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